Personal information

First name: alessandra
Last name: milella

Educational Information

PhD student since: september 2010
University: goldsmiths university of london
Department: cultural studies
Tutor: Scott Lash
Research project: Unlimited links. An enquiry between Neuroaesthetics, Semiotics and Art Making
Description: My project is a new way of looking at the pictures that wish to connect the semiotics interpretations of artistic production to Neuroaesthetics, an emergent disciplinary area that investigates the structure and the activity of the brain in response to experiences of aesthetic phenomena., I think strongly that this field needs to be investigated because only recently it has been starting to be researched nevertheless it has got all the potentiality to change the present relationship between artist, artwork and spectator. Moreover no one has still studied the possible impact between Neuroaesthetics, Semiotics and Art making (Art and Design), a very fruitful crossover between disciplines., My purpose is to take account of how the brain perceive artworks, how people think and interact with art and design products, what kinds of new knowledge emerge from the artwork once it is created, how the new forms of knowledge lie in the world, what is their relationship with the social habits and how they lead to another types of knowledge and so on ad infinitum., In my opinion the concept of the infinite connections in the area of knowledge as well as in the one of the sensation and perception can be analyzed through the semiotical studies of Charles Sanders Pierce and in particular through the ones related to his concept of continuum by a diagrammatical method.


Member for: 7 years 47 weeks

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