Personal information

First name: Dimitar
Last name: Trendafilov

Educational Information

PhD student since: 2009
University: New Bulgarian University
Department: Southeasteuropean Center for Semiotic Studies
Tutor: assos. prof. Kristian Bankov, PhD
Research project: A Semiotic Study on Brand
Description: A brand is non only economical and business phenomenon but semiotic. It is an irreversible part of our culture and it differs in different culture because of their different market systems. It needs now new (interdisciplinary) reading as a value creator, social factor and personal exponent. The study attempts to find new approaches to the explanation of brand itself and to the methods of its measurement and monitoring in time and space by set of qualitative tools which result from semiotics as a theory of culture and communication.


Member for: 8 years 1 week

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