Personal information

First name: Doris
Last name: Schöps

Educational Information

PhD student since: summer 2009
University: Technical University Berlin
Department: language and communication
Tutor: Prof. Roland Posner
Research project: Body posture as signifier
Description: In communication science and semiotics, gesture has been studied, extensively as a sign system, as have intentional body movements. Body, postures, on the other hand, have received less attention. In behavioral, psychology, body postures have been studied as carriers of emotional, expression. In anthropology and ethnology, some studies have been done, on the culture-nature-interface which manifests itself in body postures., In my PhD thesis, body postures will be studied from a semiotic, perspective. Though body gestures have sometimes been ascribed as signs, they have never really been taken seriously as a sign systems;, regularities on expression and content plane have not been studied, systematically; it has not been distinguished between syntax (rules of, combination), semantics (conventional meaning) and pragmatics (usage and, situation-dependent components of meaning). Therefore, semiotic theory, can offer new perspectives to the study of body postures., A further component is the anatomical perspective. Sitting, standing or, lying down [reclining] can be seen as basic categories of anatomic, position-taking; they can be defined by joint configuration. A complete, inventory is not intended; the sign functions of body postures will be, analysed with the help of examples. Further topics include the, instrumental function of postures, with or without artefact use; the, cultural processes in which meanings are ascribed to them; and their, function in multimodal communication.


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