Personal information

First name: Elena
Last name: Lorenzetto

Educational Information

PhD student since: October 2008
University: University of Bologna
Department: Communication
Tutor: Gianfranco Marrone
Research project: LIVING SUBURBAN SPRAWL. A semiotic approach on a new metropolitan condition.
Description: A new type of city has been developing and shaping: many areas in Europe, beyond traditional cities, are industrialized and urbanized and they are lived in and used as wide estensive cities. These suburban territories question planning and spatial categories, particularly the category of "place". The research will investigate what sense of place comes as a result of the complex intersection of buildings, objects, different genres of representation and people’s practices and speeches. Using a semiotic approach and interacting with ethnographic methodology, the research will analyse and compare the following aspects in some Italian regions affected by sprawl: semantics of architecture and design objects; practices of inhabitants and users; artistic, touristic, cultural representations and intervetions; inhabitants’ descriptions and narrations.


Member for: 8 years 38 weeks

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