Personal information

First name: Emanuele
Last name: Bardone

Educational Information

PhD student since: 2005
University: University of Pavia
Department: Department of Philosophy
Tutor: Lorenzo Magnani
Research project: Human cognition as chance-seeking system
Description: Human beings do not actually hold a complete representation of their environment. Conversely, they use the environment itself as a representation by manipulating and even creating it so as to find room for new cognitive chances not immediately available. This idea of human cognition as chance-seeking system will be developed within an evolutionary framework based on the notion of cognitive niche construction. According to this theory, the high level of plasticity exhibited by humans is explained by the fact that humans are powerful eco-cognitive engineers. The accumulation and, most of all, the persistence of their modifications brought upon the environment is what grants them to have a disposal an additional source of information not delivered by genetic materials, that however are fundamental for behavior control., L. Magnani, E. Bardone, Chances, Affordances, and Cognitive Niche Construction. The Plasticity of Environmental Situatedness, International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, accepted for publication., L. Magnani, E. Bardone (2008), Creating Chances through Cognitive Niche Construction: the Role of Affordances. In: L. Magnani and Y. Osaka (eds), Communications and Discoveries from Multidisciplinary Data, Springer, New York, 2008.


Member for: 8 years 42 weeks

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