Personal information

First name: Malgorzata
Last name: Pawlowska

Educational Information

PhD student since: 2007
University: Academy of Music in Krakow
Department: Department of Composition and Music Theory
Tutor: Prof. dr hab. Mieczyslaw Tomaszewski
Research project: The myth of Romeo and Juliet in music from the perspective of narratology
Description: The PhD thesis constitutes an attempt to approach the functioning of the myth of Romeo and Juliet in history of music with the use of the instruments of narratology. The aim of the thesis is to examine the possibilities of interpreting a work of music using a methodology that has become very popular in many disciplines of humanities and social studies and which has spread to these fields of study from theory of literature. In theory of music one can also observe the symptoms of these meta-disciplinary trends, although musical narratology is still developing and is little known in Poland as a method or an object of study., Great narratives, present, among others, in myths, seem to be the most suitable objects of narratological studies. The paper introduces the notion of an “archetypal narrative” of a myth and its particularization in different mediums and genres, following Herald Weinrich’s statement that “various kinds of art can be regarded as various codes of a myth, while a narrative code serves as a basis and reference system” (Narrative Structures of Myths)., History of music knows tens of significant works inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. In this thesis I interpret the works which, on the one hand, are the most representative, and, on the other hand, show the widest possible range of genres. These works are: a singspiel by G. Bend, opera by V. Bellini, opera by Ch. Gounod, dramatic symphony by H. Berlioz, symphonic poem by P. Tchaikovsky, ballet by S. Prokofiev, musical by L. Bernstein and F. Zefirelli’s film with N. Rota’s music.


Member for: 8 years 37 weeks

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