Personal information

First name: Lorenzo
Last name: Incardona

Educational Information

PhD student since: 2008
University: University of Bologna
Department: Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici
Tutor: Giovanna Cosenza
Research project: Semiotic theory for semantic web technologies development- Studies on semiotic distance and textual complexity
Description: The ambitious computer science project called “Semantic Web” presents traditional semiotic theories questions in a brand new dress. Thus it pushes semiotics to reconsider its own contents in view of new challenging objects. My aim is to improve and enrich semiotics in view of semantic technologies development., Semiotic studies have made a solid theoretical arrangement of signification dynamics. This can be very useful when you want to build computer models adequate to complexity of languages and communication. To make semiotics help effective, semioticians must reformulate many of their concepts in view of an interdisciplinary exchange with, above all, cognitive science and informatics. This kind of work will help semiotics too. Indeed, a dialogue with computer science can give semiotics an experimental test-bed to better evaluate its own assertions., Moreover, semiotics could build brand new concepts, being stimulated by computer applications perspective. Reformulations and innovations are strictly connected. Importing concepts from other fields of research into semiotics will encourage to clarify classical semiotics concepts; it will be necessary to build new concepts to clarify the classical ones.


Member for: 8 years 43 weeks

New Bulgarian University Human Resources Development Center Finnish Network University of Semiotics International Semiotics Institute International Association for Semiotic Studies