Personal information

First name: marina
Last name: peluso

Educational Information

PhD student since: october 2008
University: Bologna
Department: Semiotics
Tutor: Francesco Marsciani
Description: This research has the aim to inquiry that large semantic field which is concerned with the experience of pain., This topic, as we shall see, appears really particularly complex and intricate and puts us in front of hermeneutic questions, not only concerning the description of the chosen object, but also questioning the very method of the semiotic inquiry methods., The first difficulty that one has to face when trying to say something concerning the pain is that it is possible to elaborate around this subject as much reasoning as the domains defining a culture are., Well at first it might seem this difficulty comes from the definition of the very object of enquiry and it is here that the problems of methodology rise., So it would be enough to restrict our focus, to refer to a more specific cultural field, and analyse the peculiar relation structures it assumes as regards the semantic and the experience field taken into account., Anyway if one wants to have a clearer outline of this semantic field it is necessary to put in relation the reasoning relating to different fields, in the view of a semiotics of the culture, “an amount of elements that it is necessary to isolate, to group, to make pertinent, to put in relation, to build in sets” [Faucault]., If the bet is that to understand deeply the different ways in which the experience of pain gets a meaning in the speeches that deal with it, it is better to clarify as soon as possible what the basic hypothesis are which direct our point of view., Firstly, we suppose that pain is a semantic field basically unitary, although it manifests in the speech according to different perspectives, it has as a means of measure among them, the experience of pain of a given subject; secondly, that such an experience emerges gradually in different ways according to the point of view under which it is going to be interpreted and made significant the relation between the subject and the world;, thirdly that the expression of the experience of pain in speech makes it sensible., On the other end the last two hypothesis clarify the semantic pertinence of such an object of inquiry., The semiotic activity, in the sense of an activity of interpretation of the subject, which may break into different forms of expression, is a constant negotiation between the perception of the experience lived and the memory of one's own identity, which is organised in the discursive and cultural existence., The semiotics, as a discipline that wants to study the systems and the processes of meaning, can't avoid comparing itself with what seems to be a place of necessary emergency of his subjects of inquiry: the translation of a non sense experience and also for this painful, into a sensible universe of words, which makes it communicative and measurable.


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