Personal information

First name: Lina
Last name: Navickaite-Martinelli

Educational Information

PhD student since: 2004
University: University of Helsinki
Department: Musicology
Tutor: Prof. Eero Tarasti
Research project: Individuality and Standards in the Art of Musical Performance: A Historical and Semiotic Approach to Piano Performance Practices of the 20th Century
Description: The goal of the study is creating a historically and semiotically based theory of musical performance and showing how and in what ways the questions of the artistic individuality, one’s cultural, national and personal identity in the art of musical performance have been changing during the course of time. The assumption behind is that the process of musical semiosis, the equal partners of which are listeners, musicians and composers, is affected by many cultural, social and psychological factors. Thus, all the compositional or interpretational innovations and solutions are directly influenced by traditions and contexts, cultural situations, styles and trends. It is examined in this work, what are the main conditions that govern the art of the interpreter in the 20th century (assuming that the 21st is not too different yet). A theory of performer’s subjectivity and more general considerations of cultural musicology and semiotics are employed. In the case-study, the interpretations of one piano sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven shall be analysed from the perspective of what is discussed earlier in the work, that is, the general trends of interpretation from the points of view of various generations, national traditions, culturally determined and individual attitudes, and so on., The work is divided into three broad sections leading from general theoretical issues to a detaled discussion of the piano performance practices in the 20th century, which in turn invites for the case-study, interpreting of the musical canon and, more particularly, Beethoven’s piano sonata Op. 31 No. 2.


Member for: 8 years 43 weeks

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