Personal information

First name: Paola
Last name: Ghione

Educational Information

PhD student since: 2008-2010
University: Università degli Studi di Torino
Department: Scienze del Linguaggio
Tutor: Ugo Volli
Research project: The forms of audiovisual repetition
Description: What's the sense of the "text" and what are its boundaries when we can see around it remake, translation, sequel or pre-sequel, quotation? In this circle or network of repetition and mimesis the meaning of the text seems to be larger or expanded thanks to every contribution, that makes the similar different., Eco Umberto, Opera Aperta, Eco Umberto, Trattato di Semiotica Generale, Dusi Nicola e Spaziante Lucio, Remix-Remake. Pratiche di replicabilità, Grandi Roberto, I mass media tra testo e contesto, Casetti Francesco (a cura di), L'immagine al plurale


Member for: 8 years 43 weeks

New Bulgarian University Human Resources Development Center Finnish Network University of Semiotics International Semiotics Institute International Association for Semiotic Studies