Personal information

First name: Viviana
Last name: Vignola

Educational Information

PhD student since: October 2008
University: University of Bologna
Department: Communications
Tutor: Valentina Pisanty
Research project: Reclaiming meaning: representations and counter-representations of gender in children's books
Description: The purpose of the research project is to focus on the modalities of representing gender and marginal subjects in literary text., The study intends to explore the contemporary system of gender representations addressed to children and teenagers, asking which feminine and masculine identity models culture proposes and how contemporary writers subvert values and messages of the prevailing social code., Through text analysis, we aim to show the importance of politics of representations. Every practice of representation proposes, diffuses and interprets an identity role: that involves the political aspect of the discourse and the meaning given to our experience within a system of socially shared representations.


Member for: 8 years 43 weeks

New Bulgarian University Human Resources Development Center Finnish Network University of Semiotics International Semiotics Institute International Association for Semiotic Studies